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Welcome to Overneath It All!

So pleased you dropped by! Like so many twenty-first century beings, I perform stunts in a variety of arenas: writer, editor, yoga instructor, Yoga As Muse ™ facilitator, mother. During the moments I feel like I’m going to throw up my hands, I remember Rilke’s oft-quoted advice: live the questions. Sometimes I like to do that in words and it is these words I share with you here. I hope you enjoy my attempts to find some little magic in our world. I look forward to your responses. For my fiction, please download my novel, Throwing Like a Girl available on Smashwords.

Namaste, R


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  1. Susan Thompson

    I just spent the last hour reading several of your posts. What a wonderful hour it was. You write beautifully.
    xxoo Susie

    • Dearest Susie–When writing brings us together, it does what it’s meant to. Thank you so very much for your kind words and for spending time with mine. Means the world to me! Peaceful, lovely weekend to you and yours, Rxo

  2. Curious. Are you related to Vance? From UI grad.


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